[seqfan] A080906?

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 06:50:42 CET 2008

Dear SeqFans,

anyone may wish to edit this:

1. 23 is missed
2. terms after 1373 are wrong
3. add more terms
4. in %N, it'd be Prime numbers?
   otherwise why 22 32 52 72 missed?

thx, zak

PS Were i editor i'd returm it to author(?)

%I A080906
%S A080906 37,53,73,1103,1117,1123,1129,1153,1171,1303,1307,1319,1361,1367,1373,
%T A080906 1523,1531,1543,1553,1559,1567,1571,1579,1583,1597
%N A080906 Numbers with 2k digits such that the first k digits and the last k digits 
               are both prime numbers.
%F A080906 P. Giannopoulos, The brainteasers (unpublished)
%Y A080906 Sequence in context: A092105 A101938 A060330 this_sequence A101940 A036540 
%Y A080906 Adjacent sequences: A080903 A080904 A080905 this_sequence A080907 A080908 
%K A080906 base,easy,nonn
%O A080906 0,1
%A A080906 P. Giannopoulos (pgiannop1(AT)yahoo.com), Mar 31 2003


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