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Tue Dec 9 21:02:04 CET 2008

The "lines" I'm seeing are where the prime occurs as the leading digits
of the square.  Every number up to (but not necessarily including)
5*10^(n-1) occurs as the leading digits of an n digit number, so any
target  not found until then will occur at that point.  You'll then
continue to see more such values, gradually thinning out.

I find it a bit surprising that this sequence is in the OEIS, and not 
simpler "smallest m such that m^2 contains n as a substring" (unless
I'm making a mistake in searching for it).

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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Dear seqfans,

Graph of A029944 contains several "lines" -
any idea about their origin?
thx, zak

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