[seqfan] Q about A152926

zak seidov zakseidov at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 15 17:30:15 CET 2008

%C A152926 All terms == 6 (mod 15) 
- but why?
thx, zak

%I A152926
%S A152926 171,3801,5781,8721,8781,17601,18231,19011,24741,28251,40431,48951,
%T A152926 49371,58821,70521,79401,79701,83391,87321,95781,96501,99501,102861,
%U A152926 109431,123171,125061,137091,177201,220311,224511,225561,229551,242451
%N A152926 Numbers n with property that 19n+{2,4, 8,10} are two subsequent twin primes. 
%C A152926 All terms == 6 (mod 15). 
%e A152926 19*171+{2,4}={3251,3253} and 19*171+{8,10}={3257,3259} are 85th and 86th twin primes.
%e A152926 19*3801+{2,4}={72221,72223} and 19*3801+{8,10}={72227,72229} are 935-th and 936-th twin primes. 
%Y A152926 A001359 Lesser of twin primes. 
%K A152926 nonn
%O A152926 1,1
%A A152926 Zak Seidov (zakseidov(AT)yahoo.com), Dec 15 2008


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