[seqfan] Re: You wouldn't believe (fwd) A005178

David Wilson dwilson at gambitcomm.com
Tue Dec 30 19:25:53 CET 2008

We could conceivably add OEIS sequence "period of {r(n) mod n}" for any 
linear recurrence r. So far, it has not been done for very many 
sequences. For instance, r = A000045 gives A001176. But other basic 
recurrences as r = A000129 and r = A001608 have not yet been done.

It would be easy to overdo this, so in the name of clutter control 
(probably a lost cause), it is best to consider only very interesting 
recurrences r. Why is r = A005178 particularly interesting?

Artur wrote:
> Dear David,
> Thank you for today's  explanations and comments. I would return to 
> your results from below message.
> In my opinion will be good to contribute sequence:
> a(n)= Period A005178 modulo n
> 1,5,10,10,3,10,12,20,30,15
> like a(n)= numbers of different numbers (states) in period A005178 
> modulo n
> a(100)=10
> Best wishes
> Artur 

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