A135015, and New Prime Curio about 111253 by Post

Jonathan Post jvospost3 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 18:54:33 CET 2008

Dear seqfans,

Is it desired or "less" to submit a sequence "primes in A135015"?

On the one hand, A135015 is itself inherently about primes, and so
looking at its intersection with A000040 is not arbitrary.  On the
other hand, it is also inherently a "base" sequence, which some
seqfans and OEIS editors deprecate.

Hence I ask your advice. I simultaneously apologize if I've offended
anyone with person, political, or theological messages in the recent
past. My membership in this email group is very important to me
personally and professionally, and I want to be an honorable member of
the group, albeit so many of you are greater mathematicians that I can

To: editor
Subject: New Prime Curio about 111253 by Post
From: Prime Curios! automailer for <jvospost3 at gmail.com>

There has been a new curio submitted for your approval:

111253 [number_id=7541]

The smallest prime among natural numbers n with property
that for each single digit d of n, we can also see the
decimal expansion of the d-th prime. Curiously, 111253 is
an emirp.

A135015. This prime is A135015(26).

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