Seeking help in conducting calculations

Alexander Povolotsky apovolot at
Wed Feb 20 15:35:50 CET 2008

Here is the corrected expansion for the "e-1" case - sorry for the
wrong version version I cited in my yesterday evening email.
Still the issue of the interest remains the same.

1/(1+1)= 1/2=0.5
1/(1+1/(1+2))= 3/4=0.75

Dear Ron - I looked at your site

and it appears that it would not not allow me to automate the process
of finding the convergent value - instead it looks that I have to
continue quite for a few times to manually input into your tool
incremental calculations untill the convergence (at some accuracy
level desired ) is achieved ?
Could you modify your tool to allow to input the entire array of
coefficients (which I take from Engel's expansion) for calculating
c.f. ?

Best Regards,
Alexander Povolotsky

A113495 is defined as 1 plus the sum of some first k
odd primes, if the sum equals a perfect power. The examples
for a(6)-a(8) seem to indicate that this is not to be taken
literally, because 11, 37, 67, 131 are certainly not a
all A001597(i)=1+A071148(j), which are very few as it seems, fails. 

- is this defined more liberally? How?
- is this a modified version of A110997 ?
- how does this affect A113759 ?


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