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I don't know what you have planned, but here's a few of the
simple things I would most like:

* When submitting a sequence, specify one or more other
  sequences, for which cross-refs to the new one are desired.
  The OEIS has probably only half the cross-refs it should have
  -- which is better than most hypertext, which has maybe
  1/4 or as low as 1/10 of what there should be.
* Similarly, a quick way to make two existing sequences
  cross-ref each other.
* Make the "tabf" keyword available on the input screen.
  (This can't be hard!)
* A quick way to add a new (or existing) sequence to an
  index entry.  The index is considerably underpopulated
  because there is no standard way to add sequences to
  it -- to say nothing of adding new entries.

I won't for now get into some of the more ambitious things
I would like to see.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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I am starting to change the way contributions are processed.
There will be major changes to the OEIS this year.

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