OEIS summer rules

Jonathan Post jvospost3 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 23:47:44 CEST 2008

New OEIS contributors should be strongly encouraged to use the  OEIS
webcam to see the breadth and variety of those seqs deemed "nice."  It
is the equivalent of listening to a radio station that plays the
greatest classical or jazz or rock songs (and for that auditory matter
using the "listen" feature), or walking through a museum of unusually
beautiful Mathematics (and, for that visual matter, encouraging the
use of the "graph" feature).

Another positive message to new OEIS contributors, to enhance that
sense of community, and to provide a balance against "making stuff up"
without reference to what is known and had been judged interesting,
is, beyond looking for duplicates, looking from triples and n-tuples
of sequences that are implicitly related, and making that relationship
explicit, perhaps by showing that these are different rows or columns
or diagonals of the same previously unshown array.  Or by making the
analogy: seq A is to seq B as seq C is to seq D.

Or by using the transforms available on some sequence previously not
so transformed.

The goal is, not to merely reward ("nice") or punish ("less" or
"probation" or silent deletion) those contributors externally, but by
enhancing their intrinsic motivation to make a contribution more
likely to be appreciated.

Thank you again for your consideration of my ideas.


thanks for those suggestions!

I'm going to add them to the FAQ file, under
"Advice for new users and new contributors?"


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