[seqfan] Re: Referencing the OEIS

Jonathan Sondow jsondow at alumni.princeton.edu
Thu Nov 20 20:23:10 CET 2008

Dear Neil,

> Dear Seqfans,  thanks for that discussion about "author".
> What I will do is add something to the section of the Welcome
> page about referencing the OEIS.
> Neil

A few months ago in the section of the Welcome page about referencing the


in the subsection Referencing a Particular Sequence you wrote:

"A text reference might say:

"N. J. A. Sloane, (2008), Sequence A000108 in The On-Line Encyclopedia of
Integer Sequences, published electronically at


"J. H. Conway, Sequence A007970 in N. J. A. Sloane (Ed.), The On-Line
Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (2008), published electronically at

However, the first of these two examples is ambiguous, because you are at
the same time the author of Sequence A000108 and also the Editor of the
OEIS. So if a reader of the Welcome page does not know that you are the
author of that sequence, he/she may misunderstand and think that ALL text
references to particular sequences should list you as the author.

In order to avoid this ambiguity, I think it would be better to omit the
first example and give only the second example (Sequence A007970).

Best regards,

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