[seqfan] Re: Question about A064237 Numbers n such that n! + 1 is divisible by a square.

Richard Mathar mathar at strw.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Nov 21 20:09:26 CET 2008

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njas> Subject: [seqfan] Question about A064237 Numbers n such that n! + 1 is
njas> 	divisible by a square.
njas> Are 229 and 562 the next two terms?
njas> If this is not yet proved, could someone do a search?

i) This is simple: just create the two b-files for A066856 and A054990
and run a diff over these. To paraphrase: whoever takes on this computational
task might create these two b-files as a by-product.

Scanning of
should give the answer up to n=400.  The corresponding link in A066856
contains a typo.


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