[seqfan] Re: Artur (by way of O. Gérard) Help Needed for factorization

Olivier Gerard olivier.gerard at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 10:44:34 CET 2008

Just to explain some of the rules on the seqfan mailing list:

- all members are supposed to do their best in writing precisely,
concisely and without mixing topics (if you want to start another
discussion, just send another message with another title).

- the fact that a newsgroup or a private correspondants accepts
a mail does not imply that it will appear on seqfan.

- if something is not going well for you with the list, just write me,
especially if you are disappointed by my management or by
some members.
The principle of this list is that anyone is welcome, as long as s/he/it
is aware of the varied membership and stays on topic.

And for this specific remark:

- some members of this list (currently five) are "moderated" by me.
Either they are frequent offenders of basic netiquette rules, post too much,
too quickly, or are offended too easily by casual arguments, etc.

This way they can receive mails, send some posts but not
monopolize the list, and in a few cases, learn self-moderation
so that I don't have to devote so much time to it.
I sometimes block their posts or rewrite them
to make them understandable.  It introduces some delay in their
contribution but it is a lesser inconvenience to all members.
The post I just quote was sent unedited.

- And for the record, no specific message telling about the
resolution of Artur's factorization effort by Artur himself or
by correspondants outside of seqfan has been blocked.

Olivier GERARD
seqfan list administrator

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 18:55, Artur <grafix at csl.pl> wrote:
> I'm apologize that I don't informed earlier that I have complete
> factorozation (and seqfans will be not loosing computer time) but Oliver
> Gerard usualy treated these messages as my "advertisemnt" and don't
> permit on resend to seqfans and other horrors with communication with
> other seqfans occured.
> Is chance that I will do also factorization 2^(EulerPhi[3^8]-1)/3^8) soon.
> Best wishes
> Artur

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