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> - Declaration of relations between the terms of one sequence and those of
> another so that extending one sequence automatically extends the other and
> inconsistencies are flagged for investigation.

In my dream implementation we would have, not Maple, Mathematica, Pari,
Python nor Scheme,
but our own language/mathematical notation, call it "SeqFan" for a lack of a
better name,
that would

a) allow on-the-run generation of the terms (only the terms of
hard-to-compute sequences
were stored in b-files, or better, as a some kind of database field).

b) add also, not just "computing definition" (the most sensible/efficient
for computing it), but also alternative definitions, and connections to
other sequences.

I.e. with this notation, we could express a lots of the current program
as well as the very heterogeneous notation currently used in %F and

In the case (b), after anybody added or modified the terms of a sequence,
the database could _automatically_ check that the given
apply for all the terms.

This is just an idea. Probably this language "SeqFan" shouldn't compete with
the existing mathematical programming packages, but instead be a kind of
standardized meta-notation which could be easily compiled/converted
to some actual language (like Python, or Pari).


Dream off now. Instead a question to Neil:

How will all the non-b-file attachments (e.g. images, proof notes, etc.)
handled in the Wiki-version? Do they stay as external files, or could
it be possible to convert some of the proof notes into Wikipedia-style
pages, that could be edited on their own?



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