[seqfan] Re: "Overflow" page

Antti Karttunen antti.karttunen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 19:41:04 CET 2009

Moreover, T. D. Noe made this excellent proposal on another list
(which I now boldly copy here):

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:11 PM, T. D. Noe <noe at sspectra.com> wrote:

> Dear OEIS Associate Editors,
> It seems that everyone wants to make a comment (or write a program) about
> the prime numbers (or other popular sequence).  It's getting so that all
> these contributions are crowding out the good information about a sequence.
> Although my first inclination is delete, I have to resist that.  So I
> propose that many of the popular sequences have an "overflow" page that
> contains all the random comments, formulas, etc.  As we switch to the wiki
> format, this may be a good time to implement such a change.  When new
> information is contributed, the editor could decide whether to reject it,
> add it to the main page, or add it to the overflow page.
> Best regards,
> Tony

This could also be implemented with some clever template kind of thing.
See e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_flu_pandemic_by_country
where there is "Countries with no deaths" [show] link at the bottom of
statistics-frame, which then expands into the same window.

(Similarly, we could have "More identities" [show]).

Likewise, there should be a separate "Misplaced comments" section
where an editor can transfer all those identities & comments that really
don't make sense
with regards to the entry they are located in. Because, most probably,
their author wasn't really either a) mean or b) stupid, but just c) made a
typo when
entering the A-number.
Then, after that, another, more patient editor might do some detective work,
find to which sequence that comment was really intended to, if any.

Just my two cents,


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