[seqfan] A001045 General form: k=2^n-k

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Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2009 01:14:21 +0100
From: Klaus Brockhaus
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Subject: [seqfan]  A comment in A001045*
*%C A001045 General form: k=2^n-k.*
*Can someone (the author?) please explain what this means?
1. as you can see : *k=2^n-k *is the same for many seqs.

k=-1;lst={k};Do[k=2^n-k;AppendTo[lst,k],{n,0,4!}];lst(*A084247, A097073.*)
 k=0;lst={k};Do[k=2^n-k;AppendTo[lst,k],{n,0,4!}];lst(*A001045 Jacobsthal
 k=1;lst={k};Do[k=2^n-k;AppendTo[lst,k],{n,0,4!}];lst(*A014113, A078008.*)

 2. if frase `*General form*` is Not appropriate for this explanation..
I do Not hold on this.
This is merely a sample/example/observation...
I'm Not insists on name/frase/form ...etc.

we have many seqs, wich can be written by one `general` formula(s),
maybe we need some kind of classification, as / or similar as in Biology?
then one derivatives from other...
some kind of order and sence,
and Not ... ten thousands of segs, but Not related to each other...
Vladimir Orlovsky
4vladimir at gmail.com

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