[seqfan] The deletion concerns

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 04:58:19 CET 2009


Thanks for your perspective.

I don't understand how the current system with Associate Editors can
move over to the Wiki, unless every article (sequence) is protected.
Clearly that's the way it is now but I imagined that is because the
site is still under development.

In any event, it sounds like Vladimir's concerns and the issues I
suggested and other similar things will be handled fairly well, and
that there is plenty of caution.

> Robert, bear with me for a minute. When I interviewed Neil Sloane in 2004
> for an article in The South End, I asked him a few questions that must've
> seemed weird to him. But he answered without any condescension, and thinking
> back on his answers reassures me that the kind of trigger-happy deletionism
> you're concerned about will never be a problem with the OEIS wiki as long as
> the Associate Editors keep Neil's philosophy in mind. [...]

>> Vladimir Orlovsky wrote:
>> >
>> > *It definitely should be deleted.*
>> > *Klaus Brockhaus*
>> >
>> > Q: why `delete`?
>> > why NOT contacting author, before doing this drastic mesure?
>> > definitely or maybe?!

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