[seqfan] OEIS wiki user update

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Sat Dec 12 19:16:29 CET 2009

Dear Seq Fans,  As we get closer to launching the wiki,
(oeis.org/wiki) let me encourage people to register
and report any problems they see.  But remember it is
NOT launched yet!  See also the top page, oeis.org.

The following is a message that David Applegate sent out 
to users who had registered in October.


Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 15:53:15 -0400
From: David Applegate <david at research.att.com>
Subject: OEIS wiki user update

Dear OEIS wiki registered users,

There are a few changes to the OEIS wiki I'd like to tell you about:

1. Three new pages are being used to inform users about the OEIS wiki:

The Community Portal (http://oeis.org/wiki/OeisWiki:Community_Portal)
will be used for general information about the OEIS wiki.  In the
future, this page will be used for the kind of information that's in
this email, instead of using broadcast email.  Currently, it's quite
similar to the old Main Page, but that will change eventually.

The System Status (http://oeis.org/wiki/OeisWiki:System_Status)
provides timestamped updates about events known to be impacting the
oeis.org system.

The New Users page (http://oeis.org/wiki/New_Users) provides
information for new users of the OEIS wiki.  The account confirmation
email points new users to that page, which currently has significant
overlap with this email.

If you'd like to track changes to these pages, you can add them to
your watchlist by clicking the watch tab at the top of the page.

2.  The Terms of Service (http://oeis.org/wiki/OeisWiki:Terms_of_Service)
have changed from a missing page to a placeholder.  When the Terms of
Service are finalized, you will be asked (and expected) to agree to
them. If you don't, unfortunately we will be forced to block your
account and remove all of your contributions.

If this is unsatisfactory to you, please wait until the Terms of
Service are finalized before using or contributing to the OEIS.

3.  We've revised (again) the relationship between your username and
your real name.  It is STRONGLY preferred to have your username be
your real name. If for some reason your username is not your real
name, you must have your real name at the top of your userpage, as
==John Doe== (replacing John Doe with your real name, of course).

If your username is not your real name (because there was no
indication of this preference when you applied), and you're willing to
use your real name now that this strong preference is explicit, let me
know and I can change your username.

4.  Users are now allowed to create and edit pages.  The pages which
are auto-populated from the classic OEIS are protected, preventing
editing.  If you wish to contribute or modify a sequence entry, do so
via the classic OEIS submit page

The auto-population of the non-sequence pages does a very bad job of
converting html into wiki syntax.  This will be improved, so please be
patient.  However, if you want to edit some of these pages instead of
waiting for improvements in the conversion, let me know and I can
unprotect them.

David Applegate               AT&T Labs Research
Tel:    +1 973 360 7127       Email:  david at research.att.com
Fax:    +1 973 360 8178       Recycle yourself -- be an organ donor

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