[seqfan] Cryptic, content-free and incorrect error messages from oeis-wiki account creation

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 16:19:37 CET 2009

Prompted by the recent reminder, I tried to create an account. I filled out
the form including a username, my email address and the personal info (all
two fields!) read the terms of service (which we know is a stub, no
problem), checked the box and clicked Request.

I then got the email message with a link to visit, to confirm this is really
an email address that belongs to me.

Then the next day (a reasonable amount of time for someone to have a chance
to see my request) I got the following reply. This is the entire message!

*OeisWiki account request <admin (at) oeis.org>  to me

Before your request for an account "Mrob27" can be accepted on OeisWiki you
must first provide some additional information.


There may be contact lists on site that you can use if you want to know more
about user account policy.

No clue as to what information to provide, or where to send it.

I tried filling out the request again with my full name in place of "Mrob27"
but now it tells me "Another pending account request uses the same e-mail

That's wrong -- there is no pending request because it was rejected --

 Robert Munafo  --  mrob.com

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