[seqfan] Comment on the movie

Robert Munafo mrob27 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 20 18:06:57 CET 2009

Before launch you should put this in a standard format, like m4v.

The last frame says you used "Quicktime Player" to create the movie,
so that means you have the "Pro" version of Quicktime, which will
enable you to "Export" the movie into another format.

Also, the movie should play if downloaded, and not require the user to
do that "File/Open URL" thing.

The format you are using must be really unusual because VLC 0.9.8
cannot play it. I tried different versions of QuickTime, it did not
work in QuickTime 7.0 but did work in 7.2 and 7.5.

> Dear Seq Fans, ?To go with the imminent launch of the OEIS wiki, Tony Noe has made a pretty spectacular movie (I think) which shows the first 1000 terms of 1000 sequences. ?Before we go public, we would appreciate any comments (Tony Noe's email is noe at sspectra.com).
> The URL is ?http://www.sspectra.com/math/OEISMovie.mov
> The safest way to open it is to launch Quick Time, then File / open URL
> The other way is to point Firefox directly to the URL, and hope that Firefox knows to call QuickTime.
> I was unable to get IE to work with it, from a PC, but that was probably because I never use either.
> The soundtrack for the movie is from playing A005132.
> The final frame gives more information.

 Robert Munafo  --  mrob.com

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