[seqfan] Re: A073853: Four more terms

John W. Layman layman at math.vt.edu
Tue Dec 8 17:43:51 CET 2009

I have confirmed Zak Seidov's extension (12/03/2009) of A073853 by four 
terms and, in addition, I have obtained two additional terms.

        TERM             ELAPSED TIME (HOURS)
a(22)=115854652   0.00171444   (Largest term from 2003 extension)
a(23)=7208007982   0.10886278  (Zak's first new term)
a(24)=17016737751   0.26690111  (Zak's 2nd)
a(25)=17589706947   0.27611528  (Zak's 3rd)
a(26)=24531053552   0.38749556  (Zak's 4th)
a(27)=33113576855   0.52467444  (my first additional)
a(28)=80692537585   1.28246944  (my 2nd additional)
Stopped after 3 hours.

I used the following code in Borland Delphi Pascal:
program Project2; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses SysUtils; var b1,b2,b3,k:comp;
begin  b1:=1; b2:=1; k:=2;  repeat b3:=b1+b2; k:=k+1; if b3>=k then
b3:=b3-k; if b3=0 then write(k:0:0,','); end; b1:=b2; b2:=b3; until 1=2;

zak seidov wrote:
> A073853: Four more terms
> http://zak08.livejournal.com/16284.html
> Zak

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