[seqfan] Re: OEIS wiki user update

Douglas McNeil mcneil at hku.hk
Sun Dec 13 07:07:45 CET 2009

Obviously not breaking the servers comes first, but I know there are
at least a couple of us interested in batch processing and
verification of OEIS entries (in my case, via autogeneration of SAGE
code, which has already helped find a number of things which would be
relatively hard to notice), and who miss direct access to the eis*
files.  I can't imagine there's an enormous need for it, but having a
downloadable version -- even if behind a wall -- has some advantages.
We can always script a download and fake the refer, but I expect the
difficulties caused by hundreds of thousands of accesses would be
worse than downloading a few fixed files.

On another wiki-related subject, how will the submission process work?
 Will we submit sequences into a queue for review/acceptance by the
editors?  I hope so, or that there's a "reviewed" tag or the like..

My concern is that there are certain sequences which, well, are rather
easily recognized as being very high-risk sequences almost invariably
subject to missing values, transpositions, duplications, and so on.
(R. Mathar has done an impressive amount of weeding.)  Certain others
are seldom wrong but uniformly incomprehensible to me, with
descriptions I can only understand as a kind of surrealistic
math-flavoured synaesthetic dream.


Department of Earth Sciences
University of Hong Kong

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