[seqfan] Re: dead links/local copies

Gerald McGarvey Gerald.McGarvey at comcast.net
Wed Dec 16 18:40:22 CET 2009

I remember using some software a while ago that checks
a web site, or at least a web page, for dead links.

Speaking of dead links, here is a dead link referred to by around 20 entries:
M. Latapy, Tilings of Zonotopes
for example it is referred to by

The 'Tilings of Zonotopes' page is not there, so one gets
redirected to the author's home page on that site.

I found a link to this page by M. Latapy:
Generalized Integer Partitions, Tilings of Zonotopes and Lattices

I didn't submit a change because I don't know if this would be
an adequate substitution for the 'Tilings of Zonotopes' page.

That reminds me, I need to fix one of my links.

Gerald McGarvey

At 12:19 AM 12/15/2009, you wrote:
>IMHO we should have local copies of
>documents whenever possible.
>One things to check is whether the
>document has the author's name(s)
>and a date on it.
>Certain types of URLs are more prone
>to link-rot than others, e.g. a URL like
>  http://www3.depx.some.edu/users/students/foo/
>cannot be expected to last for more than
>3 years.
>For (unpublished) documents that are only
>at one site (the author's site) a local
>copy is IMHO a must (else the doc disappears
>together with the domain, I seen that more
>than once).
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