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Hi seqfans, 

I haven't tried to prove this, but a simple remark: all the terms in the examples of cycles are congruent to 0 mod 9.

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Dear seqfans,

Does the sequence defines by recurrence
a(n+1)=a(n)+/-sd(a(n)), if  a(n) is odd/even,
with sd(m)=sum of digits of m,
end in cycle for any initial a(1)?

Here are 4 examples with cycles of various lengths.

At a(1)=1, the sequence is:
with cycle 0, and the next term is 0.

At a(1)=5, the sequence is:
with cycle 9,18, and the next term is 9.

At a(1)=1711, the sequence is:
with cycle 1791,1809,1827,1845,1863,1881,1899,1926,
and the next term is 1791.

At a(1)=10810065, the sequence is:
 with cycle   10810044,10810026,10810008,10809990,10809954,
and the next term is 10810044.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to ALCORN!


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