[seqfan] Re: Support the OEIS Foundation!

T. D. Noe noe at sspectra.com
Thu Dec 31 19:49:33 CET 2009

>yesterday I did follow your advice using the PayPal button for
>paying by Visa. But I'm not sure if it worked successfully: I didn't get
>any confirmation nor an error message.
>Please let me know, whether you received something;
>of course I will also ask my provider in some days.

Just to let everyone know, after trying again, Reinhard was successful in
using PayPal.

It's not too late too make a 2009 gift to the OEIS Foundation.  I know many
of you have contributed many sequences and comments to the OEIS.  Now it is
time for all of us to contribute to the OEIS financially also.  The current
list of 2009 donors are on the foundation website.

The PayPal button is at the top of the foundation website http://www.oeisf.org

Best regards,

Tony Noe
OEISF Treasurer

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