[seqfan] February and March at OEIS

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Mon Feb 2 06:33:58 CET 2009

Dear Seqfans,  It looks like I'm going to be very busy at work
for the next two months (at least).

What this means:  continue to send in important new sequences
and updates

But DO NOT send in sequences that you made up just because they 
are not in the OEIS. They will probably be silently rejected.
 From what people tell me, I think most users of the OEIS
agree with this policy.

Also please try to write correct English - I will have less time
than usual for editorial work.  If you send in a comment in garbled English,
it will also probably be rejected.

Sequences that are related to published work or web pages are
of course always welcome.

I have made announcements like this before, but this time
I will enforce the rules more strictly.

I will try to do updates at least once a week, but probably not
every day or so as in the past.

All new sequences, comments and b-files received before 20:00 today
have been processed, I think.


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