[seqfan] A144672

zbi74583.boat at orange.zero.jp zbi74583.boat at orange.zero.jp
Wed Feb 11 09:42:58 CET 2009

    I understood the system.

    I post it again,

    I must thank you for submitting my sequences A144672,  3,  4.

    But it is too fast.

    Ordinarily I post my sequence to Seqfan mailing list.
    If no one claimed it then I submit it to OEIS after having edited it if it
is needed.

    I correct some typos.
    In the definition :
         ?  ->  -

    In %C line :
         wee  ->  we
         3/2:x -> 3/2*x

    >It looks like the author submitted the same set of numbers three times.

    They are different. See a(11).

    You should post your comment to Seqfan mailing list too.
    Then I will read it.


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