[seqfan] Re: A139414

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Tue Feb 3 05:41:14 CET 2009

first a technicality: I didn't see the later mails
when I answered the mail (as usual, threading is

Neil said the seqs are fine, so be it.


If you secretely add primes, keep the secret.
(primes are not made for adding, but for multiplying;
the Goldbach conjecture is the most uninteresting
'conjecture' ever heard of).

If you mass-produce sequences by fiddling with the base-10
digits, keep them for yourself.

If on some mailing list out there someone babbles about
"generalized quasi markov zeta quantum, yada, yada..."
then there is no need to put a related seq into the OEIS.

If you cannot give a reference for your sequence and
you cannot give a connection to anything, then do not
submit it.  If you can, take the time and actually
write at least the essentials in the OEIS submission.

If you never answer a question about why a certain seq
of yours may be of interest, then people may stop to
read your mails.  This mailing list is not meant for
broadcasting monologues.

Also malformatted mails and sloppy wording may let
people decide to ignore you (works fine for me!).

About math: apart from recreational seqs (which should
be only a tiny subset of the database), a seq is worth
submitting if there is a chance that it is connected
to something _mathematical_.

If there is no such chance, then the seq is not worth
to go into the OEIS.  Period.

Now the nasty stuff:

* zak seidov <zakseidov at yahoo.com> [Feb 02. 2009 22:10]:
> Dear Joeg 
> (and other similar dear people),
> this is sequence fanatics list,

This has already been answered.

> please if you ain't interested -
> why not to choose some other list?

I am interested in algorithms & math, not in random gibberish.
I am sure this list is more about math than gibberish.
Wrong boat, wrong harbor, wrong bloody ocean.

> with all due respect, zak
> ps sure 90% of OEIS sequences
> ain't of "slightest" math.sci. interest,
> and what?

This is positively wrong.
Else I would not be here.

If a simple question why a seq may be interesting gives you
a heart attack, you may consider moving on to some math-free
forum.  Seq-fan is not one of them.

> [...]

cheers,   jj

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