[seqfan] Re: A139414

Dmitry Kamenetsky dmitry.kamenetsky at rsise.anu.edu.au
Thu Feb 5 14:10:12 CET 2009

>> PS: another idea: implement "votes" for sequences and/or authors - but
>> that's a little less immediate to implement.

I actually really like this idea and I think it can be implemented in an
automatic fashion. Think of something like Google Rank. Sequence that have
many links and cross references get a higher ranking than those that have
few links. Naturally, the less interesting sequences will have fewer links
and thus will be ranked low, so they will be further down the search and
rarely seen. Similarly, every time someone clicks on a sequence it should
reinforce its rank. Notice that the rankings are self-reinforcing, which is
nice. I think this is a safe way of keeping all the sequences, while not
throwing too much useless information at the user.


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