[seqfan] Re: putridity or putrescence - perfidy!

David Wilson dwilson at gambitcomm.com
Fri Feb 6 23:56:08 CET 2009

Ok, so we have

evil numbers
odious numbers
negative numbers

and now

perfidious numbers

so that leaves...

abhorrent numbers
abominable numbers
accursed numbers
angry numbers
atrocious numbers
awful numbers
avaricious numbers
bad numbers
barbaric numbers
bestial numbers
blameworthy numbers
bloodthirsty numbers
boorish numbers
brutal numbers
brutish numbers
callous numbers
calamitous numbers
catastrophic numbers
caustic numbers
choleric numbers
cold-blooded numbers
corrupt numbers
crass numbers
criminal numbers
crude numbers
cruel numbers
damnable numbers
dangerous numbers
debauched numbers
debased numbers (what base would you write these in?)
defective numbers
deformed numbers
degenerate numbers
depraved numbers
despicable numbers
diabolical numbers
disgusting numbers
dreadful numbers
execrable numbers
faulty numbers
fierce numbers
ferocious numbers
flawed numbers
foul numbers
frightful numbers
furious numbers
grisly numbers
gross numbers (144 may be the only one)
grotesque numbers
grungy numbers
harmful numbers
harrowing numbers
hateful numbers
heartless numbers
heinous numbers
hideous numbers
homely numbers
horrendous numbers
horrible numbers
horrid numbers
horrific numbers
huffy numbers
icky numbers
illicit numbers
immoral numbers
impious numbers
indecent numbers
inexorable numbers
infamous numbers
inhuman numbers
iniquitous numbers
injurious numbers
irascible numbers
irate numbers
irritating numbers
lecherous numbers
lewd numbers
licentious numbers
loathsome numbers
maleficent numbers
malevolent numbers
malicious numbers
malignant numbers
mean numbers
mischievous numbers
miserable numbers
monstrous numbers
moribund numbers
morbid numbers
murderous numbers
nasty numbers
nauseating numbers
noisome numbers
noxious numbers
obnoxious numbers
obscene numbers
offensive numbers
oppressive numbers
ornery numbers
outrageous numbers
painful numbers
pernicious numbers
perverse numbers
pitiless numbers
profligate numbers
putrescent numbers
putrid numbers
raging numbers
raunchy numbers
renegade numbers
reprehensible numbers
repellent numbers
repugnant numbers
repulsive numbers
revolting numbers
rotten numbers
rude numbers
ruinous numbers
ruthless numbers
sadistic numbers
savage numbers
scurvy numbers
severe numbers
sickening numbers
sinful numbers
spiteful numbers
squalid numbers
sorrowful numbers
sullen numbers
terrible numbers
tacky numbers
tyrannical numbers
ugly numbers
uncouth numbers
ungodly numbers
unkind numbers
unnatural numbers (not a natural number?)
unpleasant numbers
unseemly numbers
vexatious numbers
vicious numbers
vile numbers
villainous numbers
violent numbers
virulent numbers
vulgar numbers
wicked numbers
woeful numbers
wrathful numbers
wrong numbers

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