[seqfan] Re: Constants derived from Artin's constants

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Fri Feb 13 20:33:33 CET 2009

Richard,  You posted that message with 12 new sequences in it
to the seqfan mailing list.  It would help me if 
when you do that, you say either "Neil, please regard
this as a submission of these 12 sequences" OR "Neil, I'm
also submitting these sequences using the SubmitN.html form"

(I would prefer the latter!)

If you don't say one or the other, then I have to 
do some research to find out which case applies!
- which delays things and clutters up my files

Of course you know you can get a bunch of A-numbers from the dispenser,
and do your own numbering.

If I do the numbering with my editing program, the numbers
will probably not be consecutive

I'll put that email into the "pmNEW" file, that is,
pending new sequences that need work - there are 1386 messages
ahaead of it in the queue!

 Best regards

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