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Eric Angelini Eric.Angelini at kntv.be
Thu Feb 26 14:21:06 CET 2009

Hello Paolo and Seq Fans,

I cannot explain what I had in mind -- this is too difficult
for me as my english is too bad.

I admit my definition is too ambiguous -- please forget this
mess, I will post to a french math group !


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Dear Eric and seqfans,

rule 2) tells to consider "the last integer fitting perfectly in a [square of
   unit-squares]". In my understanding it means that I have to consider the last integer I can "totally" write approaching the lower left corner of the building square. Is it correct? In this case the sequence is:

0,3,12,22,36,54,76,101,121,143 (two more [square of unit-squares]left to complete the new square),169,197,227 (again two more [square of unit-squares]left to complete the new square),261,297,335(again two more [square of unit-squares]left to complete the new square),377, etc..



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(Inspired by another spiral just seen here)


1) start to write on a grid the nonnegative integers so to form a spiral
   (one digit clockwise per unit-square);
2) make a pause for the last integer fitting perfectly in a [square of
   unit-squares] -- else proceed;
3) colour this last integer in yellow;
4) call S the sequence of yellow terms.




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