[seqfan] more about vampire numbers

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Sun Jan 4 01:38:45 CET 2009

Dear Seqfans,  I edited A020342, A014575, A080718, 
A048933, ..., A048939, and added a new entry A144563 (similar
to but different from A014575, and which needs more terms).

I removed the duplicate entries from A14575.
(There is only one visible duplicate, but there are
presumably later duplicates which affect A048933, etc.)

This seems more in speaking with other entries in the OEIS:
when giving a list of numbers with some property, it seems
to me it is best to list each number just once.

This required some changes to A048933 and A048934, which
now also need more terms.

New version of OEIS in about 5 minutes

 Best regards

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