[seqfan] reply-to address on SeqFan list

Maximilian Hasler Maximilian.Hasler at martinique.univ-ag.fr
Sat Jan 17 19:45:23 CET 2009


sometimes I would like to reply to the author of a post in private and
not necessarily to the whole list.

However, the current setting of the SeqFan list is such that "Reply"
and "Reply all" both go *only* to the seqfan list,
and it is quite awkward to make a reply to the author only, if you
don't have him yet in your contact list.

Personally, I would largely prefer the "old" setting (reply-to address
= from address),
where "reply" goes to the sender only, and "reply all" goes to all
(and I just noticed that if somebody is annoyed by the fact that his
mail agent does not recognize as identical the two instances of the
message he might receive, he should simply correct this setting at

This would allow more easily to make the list a bit less noisy.
Typically, interested people would reply to the author in case they
think clarifications are needed or so, and when a refined version of
the question or a satisfying reply is available, a copy might go to
the list.
In my opinion, the current setting is fine for a discussion forum
(news group...) but maybe a bit less for a list (even if it would be
possible to use the new SeqFan as a web based newsgroup by accessing
the pipermail archive).

Of course I don't expect you to change this on my sole opinion, but I
send a copy to the list so others may (privately to you, if they wish
so) express their agreement or, of course, disagreement.


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