[seqfan] Re: Index of linear recurrences

Jaume Oliver i Lafont joliverlafont at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 11:27:00 CET 2009

Hello all,

Some additions to the list by Richard Mathar include:

> recurrence, linear, order 2, (2,-1): A086570, A092535

A005408, A001477, A005843, and any a(n)=c_1*n+c_0

> recurrence, linear, order 3, (3,-3,1): A056109

A000217, A000290, A000326, A000384, A001844, A002061, A000566,
A000567, A001107, A001106, A005448, A005891, A146301, A146302,
A141759, and every a(n)=c_2*n^2+c_1*n+c_0

> recurrence, linear, order 4, (4,-6,4,-1): A006000, A136264, A113922

A000292, A001505, A133766, A133767, and every a(n) with closed form a
third degree polynomial

> recurrence, linear, order 5, (5,-10,10,-5,1): A081441

A001296, A133818, and every a(n) with closed form a fourth degree polynomial

Kind regards,

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