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Harry J. Smith hjsmithh at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 29 18:36:35 CET 2009

Of course, Neil is correct. I got myself into the middle of this, trying to
clarify what I thought was an ambiguous definition of sequence A139414.
Maximilian has some strong opinions about this also, they are just different
from mine. The bottom line is, what did the author, Roger Bagula intend.
Should the b-file contain this:

77 14087
78 14561
79 0
80 15541
81 15791

Or this:

77 14087
78 14561
79 15541
80 15791

That is, should a zero be inserted whenever all 4 polynomials are not prime?

Also see: http://zak08.livejournal.com/5346.html 


Roger, please let us know wour thoughts on this.

We may need two sequences, one for each definition.

I also put through some changes to A139414 and a b-file to Neil (with the
zero entries) that maby need to be reviewed. 


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> Concerning all the discussion about A139414, it is a pity
> that these remarks were not sent to the author, Roger Bagula.
> He is not a member of the seqfan list, I believe, but he
> does have an email address, and he can also be reached on Facebook.
> In general I think it is desirable to send discussions
> of sequences to the author, if that is possible.
> Neil
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