[seqfan] Triplicate

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Sat Jul 11 00:16:29 CEST 2009

A001972, A130519, and A093934
are all three essentially the same, differing only in the number of 
initial zeros.

... and just to add another complication, I have another expression for 
this sequence -- floor(n^2/8) -- which suggests that there should be 3 
initial zeros; this is different from any of the existing three.

A093934, I think, can just be dropped; it's definition is the same as 
A001972, except for the x in the numerator (hence the initial zero), 
and the denominator is factored completely in A093934, but only 
partially in A001972.

I guess I'm inclined to keep A130519, with a comment that it is 
essentially the same as A001972; on the grounds that people searching 
for the sequence with some (reasonable) number of initial zeros ought 
to find something.  I would then add my formula to A001972: a(n) = 

I'm not totally happy with this, however.  Does anyone have a different 

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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