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And, without going into detailed calculations, one would expect this to 
be a 4th degree polynomial: there are two degrees of freedom for the 
top left corner, and two more for the top right corner; the remaining 
corners are then determined.  So A014820 is certainly correct.

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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ftaw> Richard, you appear to be assuming that the squares are aligned 
ftaw> the lattice.  If we don't make this assumption, there are two 
more for
ftaw> n=2:
ftaw> .X...
ftaw> ....X
ftaw> .....
ftaw> X....
ftaw> ...X.
ftaw> and its mirror image.

...this explains all of the difference. If I run a blind full
search including squares with non-horizontal or non-vertical sides,
I also get 1,8,33,96,225,456,...,53600


Richard J. Mathar

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