[seqfan] Re: Dead b-files for A127816 and others

N. J. A. Sloane njas at research.att.com
Tue Jul 21 05:31:59 CEST 2009

Hagen said:

> A few days ago, Robert G. Wilson has added b-files with known-so-far 
values for A127816, A127817 and possibly a few related sequences.
However, the links are dead (although they "look fine").

Me: Two things:  1.  It is true he sent in the LINKS to these files,
but as far as I can tell, he has not sent me the files themselves
(I just double-checked all the b-files received in the past two weeks).
He should send them to me again!

                 2.  If you look at the links in question, you will
see that I have changed the file names to a-files.
This is because b-files may not contain uncertain entries.


%H A127816 Robert G. Wilson v, Jul 16 2009, <a href="a127816.txt"> Table of n, a(n) for n = 1..\
10000 with -1 for those entries where a(n) has not yet been found. </a>. [From Robert G. Wilson\
 v (rgwv(AT)rgwv.com), Jul 16 2009]

So he should resend the files, preferably calling them a-files!

 Best regards

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