[seqfan] Re: Dead b-files for A127816 and others

Hagen von Eitzen math at von-eitzen.de
Thu Jul 23 22:24:25 CEST 2009

Richard Mathar schrieb:
> The other bases between 2 and 20 are already covered by files of the similar
> format available from the links in A119714. a127816.txt and a127817 are the
> only files lost so far. (The status of being "lost" is not that bad at all;
> from a historical perspective, lost notebooks, for example, have occasionally
> been more popular than those that are readily avail from any supermarket...)
I just noted a problem with one of these as well:
The link for a119679.txt leads to the wrong table, although the correct 
table does actually exist under the expected link


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