[seqfan] Re: Sloane's Sequence A023052

Hans Havermann pxp at rogers.com
Thu Jun 18 05:55:01 CEST 2009

I wrote:

> 26    83281830613691836766959173718984508549 (+1)
> Finally, we have Lionel E. Deimel, Jr. and Michael T. Jones with their
> 1982 discovery:
> 27 36428594490313158783584452532870892261556 (+1)

Joseph S. Myers:

> Here are the results of my program for this problem...

Very very nice. Thank you so much. Here are your current results as a  
right-justified b-file:


I've also made a list that excludes the 89 narcissistic numbers:


I've appended the "power" for these as a bracketed length-of-number  
plus/minus the variance. You will note that my surmised index #26 was  
in fact correct, but Deimel & Jones' #27 is actually #28.

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