[seqfan] Request for edit of A161664

Enoch Haga Enokh at comcast.net
Thu Jun 18 08:32:08 CEST 2009

I would like someone to please edit A161644. If needed, I send Chap 6 of my 
book as a Word.doc by email for relevant explanation.

Thank you, Enoch Haga

Copy below of email to Neil:



References 9,10 -- the latter being to A161664.

I'm going to request on Seqfan that someone edit it. I will supply a Word
copy of the relevant chapter 6 from my book, by email attachment, to
whomever needs it for verification.

I'm certainly not the first to notice the relationship of prime numbers to
the cicada. I do think that I may be the first to provide evidence that a
mathematical basis exists for the relationship.


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