[seqfan] Re: Twin prime conjecture conjecture

Creighton Kenneth Dement creighton.k.dement at mail.uni-oldenburg.de
Tue Jun 9 08:57:45 CEST 2009

>> A few years ago I mentioned the conjecture:
>> A113910(n+4) = A001359(n+2) for all n.
>> Might anyone have any hints about it now?

Max wrote:
> There are no counterexamples below 10^6 but finding one (or proving
> that there are none) may as hard as finding pseudoprimes of certain
> kind.

Forgive me for stating the obvious: Perhaps we can hope for something
less, such as proving 9 is the only composite number in the sequence or
that the sequence is infinite?

Note from sci.math post:
L(n) is the number of points of period n in the golden
mean shift. The number of orbits of length n in the
golden mean shift is given by the n-th term of the
sequence A006206


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