[seqfan] Searching for 'factori[sz]e' (was: Re: seqfan at list.seqfan.eu)

hv at crypt.org hv at crypt.org
Wed Mar 11 22:41:43 CET 2009

hv at crypt.org wrote:
:A search for 'factorise' yields 9 results; a search for 'factorize' yields
:25 (different) results.
:I suggest that where there are alternate spellings in different variants
:of English, the OEIS should a) standardise on one variant (probably,
:regretfully, the US spelling) and b) treat a search on the other spelling
:as a search on the standard spelling.

Sigh, would help if I could get the cc in the cc field instead of the subject.

Further on this - the search problem is worse, because there are references
to factorize, factorized, factorizing, factorization (favourite),
factorizations, and doubtless more I haven't found.

I was looking for A001055 (because of it's recent mention on-list), and
eventually I gave up searching by words and just calculated the first dozen

Maybe the search variant problem can't be solved by OEIS - I accept it is
a Hard Problem - but I think standard spellings would at least ameliorate
it a little.


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