[seqfan] Re: A120778/A001790

Gerald McGarvey Gerald.McGarvey at comcast.net
Wed Mar 25 01:10:00 CET 2009

An identity that might be relevant to this is
   Gamma(n+1/2)/Gamma(1/2)*2^n = A001147(n) (A001147 is Double 
factorial numbers: (2n-1)!! = 1.3.5....(2n-1).)
There is a comment for A001147 "Also rational part of numerator of 
Gamma(n+1/2). Multiplying this sequence by sqrt(Pi) and dividing by 
2^n gives the value of Gamma(n+1/2). - Yuriy Brun, Ewa Dominowska 
(brun(AT)mit.edu), May 12 2001"

Gerald McGarvey

At 05:16 PM 3/24/2009, you wrote:
>It looks to me like sqrt(pi)*n!/Gamma(n+1/2) - 1
>has numerators A120778 and denominators A001790.  Is this obvious?
>Robert Israel
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