[seqfan] Re: message for "Ki Punches" re base-dependent sequences

Giovanni Resta g.resta at iit.cnr.it
Fri Mar 6 10:57:44 CET 2009

Hans Havermann wrote:
> N.J.A. Sloane:
>> Dear "Ki Punches"
>> The email address you give, ki1212 at pocketmail.com, produces an error  
>> message.
> There's a website < http://www.kithespy.com/ > which is probably this  
> person's with the email: ki at kispy.net

Yes, I found his website and e-mail via Prime Curios!, too.
His name is probably Howard Punches and he lives in
Everett, WA. (Assuming the data in the WHOIS database is correct).


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