[seqfan] Re: End of line characters in b-files

Joerg Arndt arndt at jjj.de
Wed Mar 11 01:41:57 CET 2009

* Peter Luschny <peter.luschny at googlemail.com> [Mar 11. 2009 10:49]:
> njas> We strongly prefer having each line end with the single character LF
> njas> (because that is the unix standard format).  The other format (DOS format)
> njas> has to be changed by me (individually for each file!).

@Neil: use dos2unix (or equivalent), should be trivial to automate.

> "Most textual Internet protocols (including HTTP, SMTP, FTP, IRC and
> many others)
> mandate the use of ASCII CR+LF (0x0D 0x0A) on the protocol level, ...."

  "on the protocol level"  ONLY

We are not going to put b-files into mail headers I hope.

> "In practice, there are many applications that erroneously use the C
> newline character '\n' ...
> This leads to problems when trying to communicate with systems
> adhering to a stricter
> interpretation of the standards; one such system is the qmail MTA that
> actively refuses
> to accept messages from systems that send bare LF instead of the
> required CR+LF..."

The day the last qmail server is dead will be a great day for the internet.

> From:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crlf

On Windows systems without a better editor, the old MS-DOS editor EDIT
that still ships with modern Windows versions is often used to convert
a Unix text file to DOS/Windows newlines. This is done by creating a
shortcut to EDIT on the desktop (context menu / New / Shortcut /
"edit" / Next / Finish), dragging the text file in question onto it,
and then saving the file again (File / Save).

 ... OMG, heavy duty clue-stick required.

> Cheers Peter

cheers,  jj

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