[seqfan] Re: formula for A062204

Maximilian Hasler maximilian.hasler at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 04:50:14 CET 2009

I'm not a specialist in the field, but I don't agree with

%C A062204
Strings of length 7 represent the average word length for most natural
languages such as English.

For my (poor) personal knowledge I'd say that the avg word length
differs very much for different natural languages (eg. French vs
English). But I found references from specialized authors:

we read:
The word properties of natural English language ... The average word
length in English is about 4.5 letters.

The average word length [in modern Russian]  is 5.28 characters

So, if OEIS was wikipedia, I'd add a {{dubious}} or at least a
{{reference needed}} tag to that statement...


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