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Fri Mar 13 18:50:08 CET 2009

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Sorry, but it is.  There are so many arbitrary features here.  Leaving 
aside that this is both a "base" and a "word" sequence, why does 
20,5,14 become 20514 instead of 200514 or (20*26+5)*26+14?  (Your way, 
you can't tell the difference between "ACE" and "ME" -- both are 135.)

Franklin T. Adams-Watters

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Hello SeqFan,

is there already a list of numbers spelled in english
which would kind of obey this law:

For instance T E N is divisible by T+E+N in this way:
            20 5 14       /       20+5+14
                    20514 / 39 = 526
(letters are replaced by their rank in the alphabet)

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