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Fri Mar 27 03:08:56 CET 2009

Thanks Neil and David,

A little redecorating will be a welcome change. I'm sure that I'm not alone
in saying that I will miss the beauty and charm of the old interface, but a
more contemporary wiki look-and-feel will provide a great image.
Improvements in the capabilities of OIES will be fantastic as well.

Creating an OEIS Foundation is also a great idea. Although I am not a
professional mathematician, it is clear that OEIS is an essential research
tool. It is referenced as much as many professional journals. It is also a
great educational tool. I think every math and science teacher in the world
should know about OEIS and encourage their students to contribute. It
deserves to have a foundation that can provide support for generations to
come and I will certainly donate what I can to the cause.

It is perfectly understandable that you will need time to set things set up.
  From his bio, it would seem that we are in good hands with David Applegate.
I can't wait to see what the team comes up with, but like a good meal, it
will take time to prepare. Besides, we sequence addicts can hang out on this
listserv until the new system is up and running.

Thanks for everything you have done for us!

Reed Kelly

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> Dear Sequence Fans
> Just to warn you that I'm running behind schedule
> in doing updates, and things may get worse in the
> next month or two.
> On the other hand, I'm moving ahead with setting
> up the OEIS as a Wiki (David Applegate has been
> doing almost all the work) and in setting up
> "The OEIS Foundation" (again with a lot of help
> from friends) that is going to own it, run it,
> and raise money to support it.  But it will be
> months before this is finished.
> So please be patient!
> Neil
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