[seqfan] A156301 dead?

Hagen von EItzen math at von-eitzen.de
Sat May 23 11:01:14 CEST 2009

I'm not sure whether A156301 shouldn't be marked as "dead" -- or be 
named differently simply as "n*log_3(2)" or "log_3(2^n)"?

The status as lower bound and conjectured exact value for the 
counterfeit coins problem refers to an earlier version of the arXiv 
article mentioned: The original conjecture was falsified by yours truly 
for n=19, which has triggered a new version of the paper (including a 
minor redefinition of the function g(n) that affected the value of g(3)).
The known values are now in A160511 up to the first unknown case (n=30), 
the known lower bound has changed to ceiling(n*log_3(2) + 
log_3(135/128)) -- in other words, both the status of lower bound and 
conjectured exact value are no longer adequate.


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