[seqfan] Re: Creighton Dement's \"Floretions: Sights and Sounds\" will screen this Wednesday

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Wed Nov 11 08:07:25 CET 2009

Hi Michael,

You are correct that the links are very sparse. The main page is here:

My goal earlier in the year was to try to compile everything I know about
them and put it into this article:

However, the draft paper is currently stalled: I got caught up trying to
prove proposition 2.21 (see past seqfan posts). My feeling is that if I'm
to complete it on my own, I need to take a few weeks off and look at it
from different angles (in the end, it may even be an easy task). However,
I work full-time outside of the math field and that's been difficult to

I would be very appreciative if someone who has read through the floretion
introduction can give a brief summary of them here:

That would be the place to direct future references, imo.


> I did an OEIS search on "floretion" and the first two pages consisted of:
> 1. sequences related to floretions with few references or links, and 2.
> big sequences like the prime numbers or the squares which have some note
> about floretions buried in them.  It wasn't very useful for someone
> looking to learn more about floretions.
> Just my two cents....
> - Michael
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> Subject: [seqfan] Creighton Dement's "Floretions: Sights and Sounds" will
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> I have received over the Web all the way from Germany, Creighton Dement's
> excellent film "Floretions: Sights and Sounds," in which not just the
> images
> but even the music is based on floretion algebra. I will screen it this
> Wednesday in the WSU College of Engineering's Danto Auditorium at 8 PM. I
> foresee some of the engineering professors in attendance will inquire
> about
> floretions; I plan to refer them to the OEIS for further information.
> Al
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